Trump administration unveils plans for a new $10 billion program to rebuild American infrastructure

President Donald Trump’s administration is unveiling a $10.3 billion effort to modernize America’s infrastructure, including a $1.6 billion grant to help states build “ready-to-go” bridges and tunnels to connect communities with jobs and services, according to a draft of a blueprint released Thursday.

The proposal to fund infrastructure was part of a broader effort by Trump and congressional leaders to create new federal investment to create “a more robust, resilient and efficient transportation infrastructure system” for the U.S., the draft outline said.

Trump has called infrastructure “the heart and soul of our country,” and has proposed investing $1 trillion in the country’s transportation infrastructure over the next decade.

Trump announced Thursday that he would use the federal funds to help pay for a project in the state of New York to help the state connect with other communities.

The Trump administration will provide $100 million in direct funding to New York State, the draft outlines.

Trump has said he plans to invest the funds in infrastructure projects in states across the country.

The blueprint, however, does not say how much of the money would be used to fund the project in New York.