How to cancel an eBay auction and get an eBay refund

A $2.9 million eBay auction ended abruptly on Wednesday, when eBay said it was cancelling a $2,900 sale of the digital version of the hit animated series, “Winnie the Pooh.”

The seller of the auction, who goes by the name of Dwayne, told CNBC he had sold the toy to a buyer who didn’t live near him.

He didn’t say why the buyer had chosen to cancel the sale or when the sale was scheduled to be completed.

The seller did not respond to requests for comment.

Dwayne is the first person in the world to successfully sell a complete digital copy of the beloved Disney cartoon.

The sale took place in late April and it ended with a $1.3 million win.

Divergent’s Liam Neeson, a popular actor who has appeared in “The Walking Dead,” “Captain America: Civil War” and “X-Men: Apocalypse,” was also among the top-grossing auction winners in 2016.

The Disney-owned entertainment company has been trying to rebrand the digital sales from the auction to more akin to the original.

The company has also begun advertising the sale online.

The auction, which began in May, had attracted a lot of interest from people who weren’t familiar with the digital versions of the films.

Some people thought it was a scam.

But the auction itself has been widely watched and was one of the top three online auctions of all time, according to The Hollywood Reporter.