The most popular brands on Instagram? Which brands have the most viral videos?

MTV News asked followers to vote on which brands are the most popular on Instagram, and the results are fascinating.

The top brands on the social network are all brand names with millions of followers, including the likes of the Nike+ team, the Gap, and Calvin Klein.

This isn’t to say that these brands are all trending, but there are some brands with the most influential videos on Instagram.

For instance, the Nike team’s viral video featuring the iconic “The Shot” is now the #1 most shared video on Instagram with more than 8.2 million views, and it’s followed by the Gap’s “The Look” video featuring Kendall Jenner with 5.7 million views and the Calvin Klein team’s “My Beauty” video with 1.4 million views.

Other brands that are growing in popularity include the Calvin &Grammy Award winning artist, Avril Lavigne, with 1,063,000 followers, followed by Lady Gaga, with 876,000.

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram video has over 5.6 million views in its first week, while Calvin Klein’s “I Love You” video has more than 5 million views to date.

As for brands that aren’t on the list, they have a few reasons why they don’t make the list:1.

They are the ones who are just really good at viral marketing.

Some brands like Calvin Klein and the Gap have really good videos and have been in the Top 100 on Instagram for months, while the Nike teams’ videos haven’t been in that top 50 for months.2.

They have a lot of followers.

In fact, Nike+ has more followers than the Gap in its second week.3.

They’re the ones that have already gone viral.

The Calvin Klein brand has over 6 million followers, while Avril has more 1.3 million followers and Lady Gaga has more 535,000 follower.4.

They’ve got a strong brand identity.

Nike+ is known for its strong branding, so the Calvin K’s and the Nike Team have strong brand identities that resonate with fans.5.

They make Instagram great for business.

While there are plenty of companies that are trying to go viral on Instagram these days, the Calvin and the Adidas brands are definitely some of the most successful ones.

The brands that didn’t make this list are all brands that have some sort of viral marketing activity going on.

The Adidas Team has about 20 million followers in its top 10, but it’s not just Adidas that is having a viral video.

The Nike+ Team has more videos in its Top 20, but the Calvin Team is the only one with over 3 million followers.