New York Knicks deal NBA superstar Michael Jordan to shopify for the first time

The New York Yankees and New York Nets are teaming up on a major shopping spree to open a new merchandise store in Manhattan, the team announced on Tuesday.

The two teams said they would sell more than 1,000 items from their collections to the new shop, a move that will be the largest retail store ever opened by a professional sports team in New York City.

New York City will be a major hub for the store, which is expected to open in 2019, according to the team.

The Yankees have been selling their merchandise on their team-owned Manhattan stores since 2013, and the Nets will be among the first major teams to open the store in 2019.

The Knicks, who are in their 11th season in the NBA, said they plan to have an office in the new store by 2020.

They said they will be able to open more than 300 stores by 2021.