Israel orders the arrest of a Palestinian in Jerusalem’s Old City

A Palestinian man is being held in custody over the death of a 16-year-old Palestinian boy in Jerusalem, Israel’s interior minister has said.

Rivlin Rubinstein told a press conference on Wednesday that the boy’s father and mother were arrested Wednesday at the Israeli border and will be brought to Jerusalem to face charges.

The father has been charged with manslaughter and the mother with manslaughter.

Rubinstein said the child was found unconscious and “he died shortly after being transported to the hospital.”

He said the Palestinian Authority had notified Israel’s justice ministry.

A senior Israeli security official told Reuters on Tuesday that the arrest had nothing to do with the case.

A video clip taken by a Palestinian activist shows Israeli soldiers arresting a Palestinian man in Jerusalem early on Tuesday morning.

The man is seen walking toward a car and then falling down.

His hands were bound behind his back.

He was taken away by officers.

A Jerusalem police spokesman told Reuters that the Palestinian man was detained after a car carrying two Palestinians, one of whom is suspected of stabbing another in the head, was stopped by police.

He said no arrests had been made at the scene.

Israeli police have launched a new wave of crackdowns against Palestinians and other demonstrators protesting against Israeli rule.

More than 1,000 protesters, many of them young men, have been detained and some have been charged.

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