How do I report a paypal account that was allegedly hacked

A paypal employee who reported a hack to the UK police has been arrested, and is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

“This is a serious matter and we will be investigating and taking appropriate action against anyone who is responsible,” a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told Business Insider.

“We have no further comment at this time.”

Paypal has been criticised for not properly investigating suspicious paypal accounts.

In February, the company suspended paypal for two weeks following a “suspicious activity” report from a customer.

In August, the service was also suspended after a UK law firm found that it had not taken the “immediate steps” to suspend an account linked to a suspected hacking group.

Paypal had previously apologised for the suspension, saying the service had become too “cautious” with its investigations.

Paypals latest security update included a new “account verification” feature that allowed customers to verify the identity of their paypal payment and allow them to pay with cash.

“Paypal has removed all of our verification processes for customer accounts that have been reported,” the spokesperson told Business Insights.

“As a result, all customer payments have been removed from the payment history, and customers can now withdraw money from their Paypal accounts at any time.”