How to buy a new MRI scan

An MRI scan can be a lifesaver in treating your heart attack or stroke.

Here are the basics.


Buy the most expensive MRI scanner You can find the cheapest MRI scanners on the internet.

Here’s what you need to know.


Make sure you have enough money in your bank account An MRI is a vital tool for medical research, especially in developing countries.

Most MRI scanners cost around $1,000 and many cost more.

Many doctors will recommend the cheaper, more expensive scanner, which costs less.

You can also get a cheaper MRI with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.


Ask your doctor to get you an MRI scanner The medical community recommends getting an MRI when you’re at risk for a heart attack.

If you’re not a heart patient and you don’t have the money, your doctor may recommend getting a scan.

If this is the case, your best bet is to buy an MRI at a discount from your hospital.


Ask a few questions about your MRI scan The first step is to ask your doctor if you’ll need to have the scan done.

You may want to get an MRI scan done during a routine checkup, but you may also want to do it when you have an urgent need.


Ask to see your MRI results The medical establishment doesn’t always have the equipment to see what is going on inside your body.

You’ll want to ask to see the results of your MRI when the doctor prescribes an MRI.


Tell the doctor about your health issues Your doctor will likely give you instructions about your medical condition.

You should discuss your health problems with your doctor before you get the MRI.


Get your MRI scanner delivered to you The most convenient way to get your MRI is to get it delivered to your home or office.

You could have to drive up to an hour to get the scan.


Take pictures of your results and ask your insurance company for help Your doctor may ask you to take pictures of the results, or you can ask to have pictures taken of your scans.

You will need to provide your insurance provider with a copy of the scans.


Call your doctor If you have any questions about the MRI scanner you received, call your doctor or the nearest hospital immediately.

A doctor is able to order a scan and send it to your house or office within 24 hours.


If the results aren’t what you expected, contact your insurance agent If your doctor doesn’t have a copy, you may have to contact your doctor’s office or insurance company to ask for a copy.

If your scans are different than what your doctor expected, you could lose your health insurance.