Why I’m not selling my house

I’ve had some real estate friends ask me why I am not selling the house I’ve owned in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn for a year and a half.

My reply has been simple: it is no longer financially viable.

“My husband and I are still paying off the mortgage and paying down the principal,” I tell them.

“If we were selling now, I would sell now, but I’m no longer a homebuyer.”

It’s an important point, and one that is worth bearing in mind if you are considering a house move, because the real estate market is starting to move in a very positive direction.

In the first six months of this year, the total value of properties listed for sale in Greater Detroit was up by almost $1.7 billion.

That’s the equivalent of more than 1 million homes.

It’s a stunning growth rate for the region, and the latest figures from Realtor.com show that sales in Detroit jumped almost 15 per cent in January from the same period last year.

It has been a remarkable turnaround for the city.

Since October, when the city was rocked by a series of fires that left more than a quarter of the city’s residents homeless, sales have more than doubled, with the average price of a home in Detroit rising by more than 15 per one cent.

The most expensive single-family home in the city has more than quadrupled in value.

The city’s average price has risen more than 50 per cent over the past six months, from $2.8 million in October to $6.832 million in January.

The average sale price is now $1,500,000.

And, while there are many reasons for this strong price growth, it is also largely due to the recent arrival of a number of foreign investors.

“The biggest driver of this boom is foreign investment,” said Dan Zagorski, a senior vice-president at Sotheby’s International Realty.

For those buyers looking to move, there are plenty of options. “

When you have this level of foreign investment in Detroit, you have a very good chance that you’ll see a lot more buyers.”

For those buyers looking to move, there are plenty of options.

A number of options have sprung up, ranging from buying an existing home to buying a rental property.

The best way to look for the best value for your money is to look at the market.

It will show you where prices are heading in the next couple of years.

The list of options is not exhaustive, but they do give you a sense of the types of properties that are likely to be available to buy in the near future.

What’s on the list of potential buyers? 

The best places to start are the city and suburbs, where people are already spending a lot of time and money looking for a place to move.

The Detroit metro area is home to a number the most foreign buyers, and there is an increase in the number of listings in the region.

The largest metropolitan area, the metro area of St Louis, is a hotbed for foreign buyers.

There is also an increase across the country in rental properties, with more than 8,500 properties listed in rental listings in January, according to Realtor, and more than 4,000 properties in the country.

That includes condos, townhouses, single-story homes and even the occasional mansion.

The listings in these properties have seen a lot higher prices in recent years, as the supply of affordable housing has decreased.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that many of these properties are either in need of repairs, are in disrepair or simply simply aren’t available for sale.

If you want to move and have some cash, then renting is a viable option.

A lot of people have recently moved to the area to start a family, so renting is an option for those wanting to give their new home a home-like feel.

Renting a property in the area is also a viable way to help pay down the mortgage, as it is more affordable than buying a home outright.

If the property isn’t available right now, you can try to sell the property at some point down the road.

In many cases, it’s still cheaper to sell and move than buy a home right now.

“There is always a trade-off to making a purchase in a certain area,” said David Hirsch, chief executive of Hirsch Group, which manages rental properties for many big and mid-sized developers.

“Buyers may need to take a look at a certain market to find a place for a purchase.

But they’re usually willing to make the effort to get the property if it’s right.”

There are many different ways to get to the top of the market, and you can use your real estate broker or agent to do that.

If that’s not possible, the best way is to ask the seller for their opinion

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