How synthetic drugs can get you killed

A new synthetic drug that can cause death in as little as two hours is being tested in Canada.

CBC News has learned the drug, called Naloxone, is a highly addictive and highly toxic drug.

The drug, manufactured by the company Nalco, was made by a company called Theranos, and the Canadian government is testing it under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

In an email, the Drug Enforcement Administration said the drug is an addictive substance and can cause overdose, especially when used in a large enough quantity.

It added that it has not received any reports of any overdose deaths related to the drug.

This is a drug that is highly addictive, and it can cause people to die within two hours.

I know from experience that when people are in this state of mind and it’s going to kill them, it will.

Drug Enforcement Agency spokeswoman Jessica Stott said the agency has had no reports of overdose deaths.

Theranos said its new drug Nalcoxone is an antidote to opioid overdose.

The FDA said it received two reports of overdoses in Canada from NalkoXone in the last two weeks.

Theranesos founder and CEO Tony Fadell told CBC News he expects to have Nalcaxon available in the U.S. by late next year.

Nalcoxone is available in Canada for $100 a dose.

In Canada, patients can buy it online.

Therans website says it is “a safe, effective, and cheap treatment for overdoses.”

“Naloxones are a new generation of drug delivery systems that offer the safest and most effective means to safely deliver and administer Nalaxone,” the company says on its website.

It adds that the company has more than 15,000 people on its waiting list for Nalcos, and that it is in the process of acquiring a manufacturing facility to begin manufacturing.

It said it has a working pilot program in Canada, but said it is not testing its product in any Canadian markets yet.

A Theranos spokeswoman said it will not be launching in Canada because of regulatory concerns.