Bitcoin cash payments are now available

Paypal has confirmed that Bitcoin cash has been accepted for payments via the company’s mobile app, and that it has also launched a Bitcoin Cash Paying service.

PayPal said the company has been “testing the new payment options with a number of users”, with the first transaction to be made this afternoon.

It has been reported that Bitcoin Cash was originally supposed to be used for paying for things like airline tickets, hotel stays, and car insurance, but the currency is now widely used for online payments.

In a statement, PayPal said it had started testing the new Bitcoin Cash payment options, including paying for goods using bitcoin, which it said would be available for some users soon.

“PayPal is now testing the Bitcoin Cash payments option with a few users and will roll out it to all users in the coming weeks,” the statement read.

“As we continue testing these new payments, we encourage all users to check out our Payments section to find out if they have received a Bitcoin cash payment.”

“While we are currently testing the payment options on our mobile apps, PayPal will roll them out to all customers as soon as we can,” the company added.

Bitcoin Cash, a digital currency created by the bitcoin mining group known as Blockstream, was originally designed to make it easier for people to make transactions, but its price has since soared, with its value now surpassing $1,100 per coin.

A lot of companies have come out to say they’re interested in Bitcoin Cash, and some of the most popular cryptocurrencies have jumped on board with its rise.

While there’s been some interest from the likes of PayPal, PayPal’s new Bitcoin Paying app is the first time it’s used Bitcoin Cash in its payments platform.