When you have a deal, buy or sell?

The Times Of India today reports that on the day the company was acquired by Google, the transaction history of its customers in Spain was revealed to the world.

In a statement, Google confirmed that the Spanish data had been made public and said it was cooperating with authorities.

The Spanish data revealed that the purchase and sale of DTSs in Spain in August 2016 was made through the website of the DTS Sales Agency, according to the Spanish government, which had been working with the company to find out the true extent of the transactions.

This is a significant development for DTS, which has struggled in recent months to keep up with demand for its DTS-LP audio codecs, which are used by some of the biggest companies in the world such as Apple and Google.

While there was no immediate response from Google to The Times’ query, the company has made a number of attempts to reassure users that its new technology, dubbed Google Glass, is safe and secure. 

However, with its new acquisition, Google seems to have finally been able to convince users that the company’s new tech is not safe. 

In a series of posts on the Dts blog, Google has said that the transactions were made on Google Glass and that DTS is now working with law enforcement authorities to ensure its customers’ privacy is protected.

In an update to its website, Google Glass also said that it is working with its partners to provide customers with more information about their digital footprints, and that Google Glass is a technology that will be widely used in the future.