A new bitcoin transaction app is making the rounds with a $1 million funding round, according to CoinDesk

CoinDesk has reported that Coinbase has acquired a company that’s working on an “interactive bitcoin wallet” for Android and iOS.

The news is a big deal for Coinbase, which has been working on a new wallet for the platform.

The company has been focused on building an alternative to the bitcoin wallet BitPay, which is built by Bitcoin company Blockchain.

The wallet can be purchased for bitcoins through Coinbase’s site, but it can be accessed directly by tapping on a QR code on an app.

The new app, called “Transactions Express,” is based on the popular Bitcoin wallet BitCardless, which Coinbase launched last year and has sold millions of dollars worth of bitcoin.

Coinbase previously partnered with BitCointra to develop a bitcoin wallet called BitCute, but the company also worked with BitPay and other major bitcoin wallet companies like Blockchain.

The company was founded by two former employees of the bitcoin exchange MtGox, Adam Langdon and Matt Jurczyk.

The founders had previously worked at BitPay.

Coinbase announced earlier this month that it had raised $1.8 million from an unnamed investor.